Cabernet Sauvignon 85% i Merlot i 15%
  • Wine region:
  • Vinegrowing sub-region:
    Kragujevac sub-region
  • Village:
  • Elevation:
  • Vineyard aspect:
  • Soil type:
    Vertisol combined with clay loam
  • Bottle size:
    0.750 l
  • Tasting notes:
    Red wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes sourced from a single vineyard. The wine is characterized by ruby-red colour with purple reflection. Intense aromas of prunes and dark chocolate combined with fresh aromas of cassis and blueberry. Oak ageing contributed to wine’s elegance and multi-layered aromatic complexity. Long lingering fruity finish with prevailing tones of black tobacco.
  • Food pairing:
    Such a powerful wine pairs perfectly with red meat and red sauce, e.g. a steak with red wine and berry sauce. It can also pair well with game dishes, lamb chops and smoked meat dishes.
    A pie with prunes, raisins and almonds makes a perfect dessert to accompany this wine.
  • Serving temperature:
    Wine should be decanted and served at temperature: 16 – 18ºC.
  • Glassware:
    Glasses for full-bodied and mature red wine with a wide bowl tapered upward and a cut rim which allows the wine to proceed directly to the back of the mouth. A large Bordeaux glass type.