Many poems have been written and many wise sayings have been told about wine…
What could I, a mere mortal, say about wine, that Godly potion, after all those great minds who have once lived?

All those unique colors, aromas and tastes in wine that I create I get as a gift from Heavens, a gift that became from the land of my forefathers which I soak with my blood and sweat. And I breathe in the soul into that very wine with my curiosity and creativity. In that way I am creating a new, distinctive and true wine story – a life story which would eventually save me from oblivion.
No, for me, wine, vineyard, cellar are not obligations, burden or a business – they are my privilege, love, satisfaction and the style of life I am leading. Each word about wine that I utter is not simply a word. Each and every of them has passed through all my senses and my mind.
It is said that a man’s worth depends on how many friends he has. A glass of wine we drink can make new friendships every day. Therefore, I can proudly say that I am a lucky man. God has given me the opportunity to do something I love and to share that love for wine with others.
Saša Novaković, winemaker

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Cab. Sauvignon 85%, Merlot 10%, Cab. Franc 5%
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Argument, 2019 – Reserve
Cab. Sauvignon 85%, Merlot 10%, Cab. Franc 5%
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Sumarum, 2017
Merlot 85%, Cab. Franc 15%
1500 RSD
Tangenta – Barell Fermented
Chardonnay 100%
1500 RSD
Tangenta, 2020
Chardonnay 100%
1500 RSD

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