Tangenta – Barell Fermented


 100% Chardonnay
  • Elevation:
  • Vineyard aspect:
  • Soil type:
    Vertisol combined with clay loam
  • Bottle size:
    0.750 l
  • Wine description:
    The wine is golden yellow.
    A complex wine characterized by a soft and clean aroma of ripe fruit with an intense profile of vanilla, butter, roasted almonds and propolis.
    A complex wine with excellent acids and an intense fruity impression on the palate.
    The finish is very long-lasting, full and creamy.
  • Food pairing:
    All kinds of freshwater and saltwater fish, white meat and white sauce. Perfect pairing: zander in almond sauce, catfish, grilled sturgeon, smoked salmon, seafood pasta, cold roast pork, pork fillet, tropical fruit salad.
    Cheese: Brie and Camembert.
  • Serving temperature:
    10 – 12ºC
  • Glassware:
    For full, barricaded white wines (a wide open glass will enable better perception of complex aromas of this complex and full wine).
    For full-bodied, rounded and mature white wines (larger, wider glass opening will enable better perception of complex aromas).